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VisionQuest Biomedical Inc. announces that the company will be participating as an exhibitor in the World Ophthalmology Congress virtual meeting (WOC2020 Virtual) to take place June 26–29, 2020.

The 37th World Ophthalmology Congress will be an online experience that showcases the latest developments in all fields of ophthalmology. It will be attended by representatives from 182 national, regional, and subspecialty member societies from all over the world. The virtual exhibition will be open during the days of the meeting and for three months after its conclusion. VisionQuest joins a select group of leading ophthalmic companies in presenting our artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to end preventable blindness.

VisionQuest is presenting its flagship AI technologies: EyeStar and ASPIRE. EyeStar detects diabetic retinopathy, the most common complication of diabetes for the more than 630 million people with the disease worldwide and the leading cause of blindness in the working-age population. EyeStar has been deployed in fifteen clinics in Mexico and has screened over 28,000 people with diabetes for eye disease. ASPIRE uses a smartphone imaging device and AI software to detect malarial retinopathy, a highly specific sign of cerebral malaria, which kills over 100,000 African children every year. ASPIRE is currently being tested in Malawi, Kenya, and Zambia.

Dr. Simon Barriga at the VisionQuest virtual booth.

VisionQuest seeks to expand its products’ footprint worldwide, and the WOC2020 provides an excellent platform from which to interact with ophthalmologists internationally. Dr. Simon Barriga (PhD), CEO of VisionQuest, says, “In this time when most in-person conferences have been cancelled, the WOC2020 Virtual exhibit provides us with a great opportunity to connect with ophthalmologists from all over the world and create meaningful relationships to expand the reach of our technologies.”

VisionQuest’s participation is made possible by funding from the New Mexico Economic Development Department’s Office of Science & Technology, which focuses on growing and diversifying existing New Mexico-based technology companies, rapidly commercializing new technologies, and promoting research and development in emerging technologies.

CEO and Founder

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